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What we do

We do alot of things like the following

As you can see from the web site we do alot of things. Like fish tank cleaning to removing live animals or sometime DOA ones.

Animal Search & Services staff are well trained in saving, removing and caring for a lot of different animals and birds.

If you need to find a home for a animal we can do that too.

Any damage to your home or property, Animal Search & Services can take care of the animal and help repair damages it has created for a fee. We do not kill it in anyway as we only do live release of all animals.

As well as trapping, Release & removal Animal Search & Services Does Educational Shows for the kids as well as Adults. To provide proper care and Husbandry of different types of reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, and wildlife to push the importance of conservation of all animals in the world.To show that we could all live together as one.

We never kill as animal in need we help them find there way back to the wild or find them a forever help.

We do adoption for small animal, birds, reptiles and amphibians. For a small fee as it cost a lot of money and time.

Going out of town or just on a small trip and don't want to take your pet with you we do that to. Pet boarding to a big part of what we do as your pet get walk, feed and love without staying in a kennel. Call or e-mail for more details.

Pet walk service for all of Thunder Bay where we take them for long walks plus play and have fun as they are out and about.

Lost your pet we have a lot of skills and training in finding them for a fee. As sometime we can find them in 1 hour sometime up to a week. But we never give up until your love one is home.

Need a load to go to the dump or a tree removed. Need your grass cut or a new lawn laid out I think we can help and do it right the first time.

Animal proofing done at a cheap price and not allow the unwanted animal to get back in. Well that us too.

Need a ride to the vet we can help. As we have someone on call 24/7 in order to help out.

Your love one passed away and you need him/her removed we can help for a small fee.

Have a fear of a animal!! We do classes, small groups or even one on one in order to help you get over your fear.

As you can see if you have more info please call or e-mail us.


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Animal Search and Services site is brought to you in order to supply you with info on wildlife and many many more thing. We urge you to read up on all of the information on this site as it provides a perfect tutorial into keeping and mantaining your pets plus Help to save Wildlife  

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Don't hesitate to send an Email or phone us but must go to Our Contact page to get our info. All calls Between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pmET ONLY. T-Shirts, Hats, and Sweaters are available at request as well.
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