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Animal Shows Terms & Conditions

  1. Animal search and services/Thunder Bay Reptiles will not be responsible IF anyone who is at the show has an allergic reaction. MUST let us know if anyone who is there is allergic to any animals.
  2. All Shows must be Scheduled & Booked 2 weeks prior to said date unless otherwise stated.
  3. All shows must be confirmed 1 week before scheduled date or $25.00 cancellation fee will be administered.
  4. After date and confirmation is set and client cancels a $10.00 fee must be paid.
  5. All clients paying by check or money order must clear prior to show.
  6. Animal search and services/Thunder Bay Reptiles will not be responsible for animal biting from rough handling, or putting body parts in cages.
  7. Working with animals accidents with urine and feces will happen, we will help clean up.
  8. All shows are applicable to taxes.
  9. If not Paid on time there will be late fee added. If not paid within 90 days there will be a BREAKING OF CONTRACT FEE added as of last invoice, Which is under $200.00 it is $200.00, over $400.00 it is $500.00
  10. There is a BREAKING OF CONTRACT FEE if not pay on time
  11. If over 15 minute out side of the City. There will be a travel fee.
  12. Ordering HATS, T-SHIRTS or SWEATSHIRTS can take up to 3 weeks or more to get made and prices can change without notice.
  13. Show prices can change without notice.
  14. E-mail us for price by going to the contact page or call.
  15. If you need help filling out the contract just call or e-mail and one of our staff will help you out.
  16. If paying by PayPal. Please add 4% to your final tota
  17. All Online Bookings MUST be Prepaid or a $25.00 NON Refundable deposit
  18. If the Person Booking cancel.The Deposit go to the Cancelling of the show. We Never Cancel a booking. Also rule 4 still apply here too.
  19. By clicking on "continue" the person having the show acknowledges & understands and agrees to comply with contents and assumes the responsibility to keep everything safe so we can keep you safe. Plus paid the bill on time.

After reading this you agree to Book a show. So by Clicking on the "continue" you agree to ALL TERMS & Conditions


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Animal Search and Services site is brought to you in order to supply you with info on wildlife and many many more thing. We urge you to read up on all of the information on this site as it provides a perfect tutorial into keeping and mantaining your pets plus Help to save Wildlife  

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Don't hesitate to send an Email or phone us but must go to Our Contact page to get our info. All calls Between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pmET ONLY. T-Shirts, Hats, and Sweaters are available at request as well.
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